Muuska is a very user-friendly PHP framework for the rapid development of web applications. It is built around the MVC model.

Muuska Framework functions

  • HTML content generation system (Forms, tables, link, tree, rich text editor).
  • Sophisticated upload system that can upload large capacity files regardless of server limits (upload_max_filesize).
  • Multilingual support.
  • Modules support.
  • Theme support.
  • Back office implementation.

Benefits of Muuska Framework

  • Purely object oriented framework.
  • Flexible and simple URI routing.
  • Separation between processing and data access medium. This allows data at some point to have decided to use JSON files rather than a MYSQL database for data storage. The system will allow this change to be made without having to modify the controllers but allowing the developer to create a data manipulation strategy using JSON files.
  • Easy handling of templates.
  • Reusable and easier to maintain code.
  • Provision of a set of functions to handle certain recurring tasks.
  • Sophisticated access rights management.
  • Easy installation and configuration system.
  • Establishment of a system to perform operations CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete).